Posted: Iulie 19, 2010 in 2010, Serk
You’re like a fairytale:
Beautiful and endless.
I’m just a nightmare:
Fast-passing and shameless.
But when I hear your voice
Speeding through the woods
I recognize the voice
Which comes and heals my wounds.
I’m sometimes such a jerk.
My hearts still makes Boom-Boom!
‘Cause you’re the hotel clerk
Who helps me find my room.
If I could runaway
And got an only chance
I’d definitely delay,
To go to see you dance.
I hear your steps behind.
I feel your lovely hands.
I see your fingers tied
Up on my big fat legs.
Your lips touching my neck,
Your hair brushing my ear,
Your hand across my back:
From now I feel no fear.
You’re taking out my clothes
And kissing all my chest.
Now I can feel you close
To my soul’s flying fest.

Acuma pţm.
  1. onlykiddo spune:


    xoxo, Kiddo

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