Pounding hearts.

Posted: August 26, 2010 in 2010, Serk

Wake her up in the ocean of happiness
With the usual morning phone call.
Listen to her shouting at her parents,
But at the same time whispering: „Hold on.
I love you”. It’s like a dream.
Her hand in my hand, feeling her pulse,
Her love in any situation. Even if Jim Beam
Got me on board and makes me curse,
She tightly wakes me up from the hangover
With an inocent kiss on my huge beloved neck.
She hugs me and I feel her heart rolling over
My entire chest, and then I start feeling like a jerk.
She really cares about my situation.
She is ready to do things she doesn’t like
Just to satisfy me. But I follow a direction.
And I love her even more than my bike.
Many times I don’t act like loving her,
So she doesn’t even imagine how much
I love her.

  1. razvan \m/ spune:

    dumitru e cel mai tare
    imi da muie si imi place

  2. ioanaa :) spune:

    te foarte iubesc 8-> 😡

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